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Full list of Programming Descriptions:

Animagus Transformations
Explore the animal within you and transform right before our very eyes! Come prepared thinking of the animal you can become, and we will help you get there with a little creativity, face paint and teamwork! WOWALL

A Starter Kit: Runes, Wands and Secret Wizard Handshakes
Kids can come and learn about all the possibilities of Runes, Wands, and Secret Wizard Handshakes. They will start with runes, discuss wands
and wand lore, make their own wand, and then finish the class with learning top secret wizard handshakes. WOWU12

Astronomy for Wizards
Are you always drawn to the moon and stars above?Learn how Wizards use them to their advantage. Come and learn a basic understanding observational astronomy through orbital mechanics! WOWALL

Author Panel: Taking A Leap Into Getting Published
Local authors will talk about the process of going from an idea to getting published, followed by a Q&A. WOWALL

Advanced Potions
Students will learn how to make a magical elixir using purified water, essential oils and gemstones. WOW6U

Brooms 101: The History of Brooms
Focusing on the history of brooms from their earliest forms to modern version. Followed by the lore of flying on a broom and how Quidditch came to be. WOW18U

Cauldron of Musical Incantations
Grab a cup of that magical potion, and gather ‘round the cauldron for music, filk and nerdiness with your fellow spellcasters of song! Muggles, Witches, Wizards and Magical Creatures of all skill levels welcome. WOWALL

Chess and Board Games Join us for some friendly activities for everyone. WOWALL

Community Drum Circle
Come make music together in a 100 person drum circle! All welcome, you will be taught how to participate and play. WOWALL

Defense against the Dark Arts
Be prepared to be amazed with a class specializing in tried and true magickal skills for returning and blocking dark magic. WOW12U

Defense of the Dark Arts
Panelist from the original YouTube series Black and Blue will discuss the breakdown of the history in representation in JK Rowling’s World for both Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts. WOW12U

Diversity & Inclusion in Geek Culture
A panel of guests active in Geek Culture will have a discussion on the inclusion of minorities in Geekdom and ways  improve geek diversity. WOWALL

Divination with Tarot Learn from years of experience of tarot reading. Just remember that each tarot reading is a snapshot in time, never a permanent fate sentence. We will go over a few basic readings and then test what the class learned and give it a try. WOW16U

Don’t Feed the Boggart
Understand the mental, emotional, and spiritual frame of mind necessary to safely work with the spirit world and other magical acts. WOW18U

Dragonology 101: Dragon Magic
Step into this class and learn about working with dragons, types of dragons, and the definition of dragon magic. The audience will have a chance to interact with our mid-sized Welsh dragon, some Hatchlings, and two different sized skeletal dragons. WOWALL

Dumbledore, Newt, & the Lovegoods’: Why Great Wizards Aren’t All Neurotypical
A lot of wizards and witches in our favorite series are a little “loony” This panel discusses why wizards aren’t all neurotypical and addresses disability education with an attitude of humor and inclusivity. WOWALL

Everyday Wizard Fashion/Muggles Disguised
Fashion and resources for creating unique looks inspired by the Wizarding World. WOWALL

Fantastic Beasts around the World: History & Lore
Learn about the history and lore of magical creatures all over the world. We will draw on history, archaeology, anthropology, and mythology to examine pre-Darwinian conceptions of the universe. WOWALL

From Screen to Cosplay: How to Bring Cosplay & Props to Life
Admiring a complicated cosplay like McGonagall, Dumbledore, or Mad Eye Moody? This is a great class from noted cosplayers on how to take an
idea like that and break it down into manageable steps that can be achieved within a budget. WOWALL

Herbology 101: Deadly Plants
Learn about plants with practical and magical applications. The good, the beautiful and the dangerous await. WOWALL

Hermione Shot First: The Badass Women of the Wizarding World

Come and join this panel and discuss
the Badass Women of the Wizarding World. You might
be surprised by the variety of women who had key and
important roles in our favorite series. WOW16U

How to be a Mermaid

Come and learn from an expert on how to transform into a mermaid. Tail examples will be provided, along with tips to make your very own! WOWALL

Introduction to Astronomy
Join us for a presentation on understanding the basics of astronomy, a comparison to astrology, and more. WOW12U

Introduction to a Patronus
Come learn what your spirit animal. Once it’s determined, we will use chalk to draw our animal to take them home as a reminder that,
“Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if on  only remembers to turn on the light.” Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban WOWU12

Marissa Meyer Book Signing

Bring your favorite Marissa Meyer book with you, or grab one while you can, and have it signed by the author! WOWALL

Marissa Meyer Talk & Trivia
Come join New York Times bestselling author of Heartless and The Lunar Chronicles. Marissa will answer questions in an interview set up, open up for additional questions and finish off the class with questions. Stick around! She will be having a book signing after her class. WOWALL

The study of the moon and its effects on our lives. Learn moon phases, magical spell casting, and optimal times to bring health, wealth and happiness to our lives. WOW12U

Magic The Gathering
Learn to play Magic the Gathering from Lady Planeswalker Society. Magic is a card game with a fantasy setting, a great hobby for a witch or wizard looking for an alternative to Exploding Snap. WOW6U

Meet A Mermaid  Kids get the opportunity to meet and take a photo with mermaids! WOWU12

Moving Meditation
All levels and capacity can participate even if in wheelchairs or otherwise mobility impaired. Start your day in a great frame of mind. WOWALL

Muggle Studies 101: Absurd Muggle Inventions 
A larping-style class where participants will learn what a telephone is and how to use it, as well as several other common Muggle inventions. WOW12U

Open Your Inner Eye: Real World Predictive Magic
In this interactive lecture, we will dig into both the wizarding and muggle world’s disdain for predictive magic. We’ll discuss prophecies made  hroughout the books and assess how they could have been used more effectively. We will shed light on our own potential for psychic growth and  highlight the use of tarot in our everyday lives as a method of self-reflection and meditation. WOWALL

Potions: Sorting Bombs
Fun, interactive twist on being sorted into houses. Bath bomb making class with a “potions” presentation. WOWALL

Raising Witches & Wizards in a Muggle World

Join, watch, listen and ask about parenting as wizards and keeping the magic alive for your children in a mainstream world. We will give you the  arenting tips and tricks to keep the magic alive! WOWALL

Real Magic Spells

Come and receive insight, knowledge, and ability to use 3 spells in the Harry Potter books in real life. Listen, and see how effective these spells can be in protecting yourself from negative energy. Small Class Size. WOW12U

Reiki Drumming Journey: Find Your Patronus
Teaching breath work/visualizations techniques for grounding and protections, as well as a modified and structured shamanic journey to discover your Patronus. WOW18U

Reptile Man
A zoologist and educator, see what fantastic beasts he brings!

Secret of the Stones  Learn about the finding of local gems and crystals, and their magical properties. WOWALL

Stone, Cloak, Wand A wizarding themed variant of Rock, Paper, Scissors battle edition. WOWALL

Study of Ancient Runes
Learn the life enhance way of being through Rune Magick. Study the practice of casting and reading runes. WOW12U

Time-Turner Travel in Real Time

A Shamanic Sherpa and psychic medium will guide you out onto the psychic astral field where you will be introduced to your past self and then guided forward into time with your present self-utilizing soul journeying and mild hypnosis in order to decipher who you were, where you are, and what’s coming in your next life. Dress comfortable and come with something to lie down on! WOW18U

Trivia - Harry Potter Advanced Edition

Pick your team (up to 4) and be ready to answer the hardest of hard Harry Potter Trivia questions. Winning team will win the Harry Potter Advanced Trivia Trophy! WOW16U

Trivia - Harry Potter Edition
A battle of recall and wits will take place here at the Hotel Murano for adults and kids alike. Bring your team (up to 5 people) and be prepared to go against the brightest of students we have ever seen. WOWALL

Trivia - Puff’s Edition
Have you seen Puff’s live, an off Broadway play, or how about on Prime’s Broadway channel? If you have, this is the Trivia for you! Bring your thinking caps and teams of 5 and let’s see who remembers the most about this funny comedy fans of Harry Potter will never forget! WOW12U

Wand Choosing
Acquire an essential tool for all wizards, with a couple of small special effects to spice things up. WOW12U

Wand Making Join us and make your very own magical wand! WOWALL

Wands, Wood, and Magick
A brief history of wands and what the term “wand” encompasses with all the various types of wands one might use. You will learn how to find the  appropriate wand for you and the magickal work you have to do in the moment. WOW12U

Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes: How Real Life Geeks Brought Their Dreams to Life
Are you inspired by WWW or our vendor alley to create your own magical product or service? This is the panel for you. We have 3 panelist here to talk about starting their business, how to find a market, and more. WOW12U

What in the Wizarding World Were We Thinking?
This is the first year of Weekend of Wizardry. How did we get here? Hear from a panel of the founders and committee leads on how it came to be, challenges, the wins, and where we go from here. WOWALL

Whose Wand is it Anyways
A game show type panel inspired by the games used in the old Whose Line Is It Anyway show. Audience members will join skits and games such as Scenes from a Wizard Hat, Helping Hands, Genre Change, Freeze Frame, Sound Effects, Moving Wizards, and Props. WOW18U

Witchy Stories
The audience members will hear magical tales, create story sound effects and help create original stories! All stories will be magical and inspired by the HP world! WOWALL

Wizard Rock Panel

Come learn about wizard rock and the community that loves them! Meet various members of the bands that will be playing at our special events and hear their stories about music and love for Harry Potter. WOWALL

Wizard Rock Jam Session
 Come and learn about Wizard Rock, their love of the wizarding community, and much more. WOWALL

Celebrity Panels:

Fantastic Beasts and How to Be Them with Paul Warren.
Learn about the transformation that takes place on set for becoming creatures and beasts on
screen. WOWALL

Let’s Talk About the Puff’s Listen as the Puff’s in a discussion about their favorite on-stage and off-stage memories of being a Puff. WOWALL

Post Grad Wizarding World with Stan, Chris and Paul. What was life like after the filming of Harry Potter and what are they doing now! WOWALL

Puffs In Session Are you ready for the Puffs in a discussion about going to Wizarding School and how they prepared to be wizards! WOWALL

Puff’s Q&A A Q&A session where the audience gets to ask questions in an open forum to the cast of the Puffs. WOWALL

Stump An Alumni - Do you like Trivia? How about being on the flip side! Chris, Stand and Paul will test their Harry Potter movie knowledge. With pre-planned questions asked by Moderator Will James and questions from the audience! Let’s see who wins.WOW12U

Stump A Puff - Do you have to know Harry Potter to be a Puff? Let’s find out! Join us as the PUffs complete in Harry Potter trivia. We will have pre-planned questions and also field questions from the audience. Who’s going to win? WOW12U

The Puff’s Sit back and listen to the Puffs talk about their experience on stage and in preparation for The Puffs Off Broadway Play. WOWALL

Trivia - Ultimate Puff Trivia Have you seen the Puffs live in person or on TV? This is the chance to show off your knowledge while a few special guests ask the questions! WOW12U

Wizarding World Behind the Set with Stan, Chris and Paul. What was it like to be on the set of Harry Potter? We will take a look at Stan, Chris and Paul’s experience on the set of Harry Potter. What was their favorite part, were there challenges, and would they do it again? WOWALL


Create a Pouf Craft a simple pompom animal familiar to accompany you on your Weekend of Wizardry adventures! This craft is 12 and up, all are  welcome but younger guests will need assistance. WOW12U

Create a Street Art Patronus Come and create wizarding art work using stencils on a background you will paint yourself to help make your Patronus come alive. WOWALL

Create a Wizard Ornament Here you have an opportunity to make your very own Wizard Ornament. We have the supplies, now you can get creative and make your own unique ornament. WOWALL

Create Your Familiar Kids will have the opportunity to create their very own familiar using the supplies we provide. The possibilities are endless! WOWU12

Create Your Own WOW Journal Put your creative hats on, and create a journal to take notes and document memories all weekend! We will provide the materials and you provide the individuality and skills. WOWALL

Dragon Eggs $15 material charge per student Join Professor Johannes as he guides the way to teach you how to make your very own Dragon Egg out of solid clay and other fun materials! WOW12U

Dragons and Dragon Eggs Kids will have the opportunity to create their own dragons and dragon eggs out of various supplies we offer (these eggs are
different than Johannes eggs) WOWU12

House Wears
Missing a tie, bracelet, bookmark, or other item to help you show your house pride? This class might be for you! Kids are provided with felt, ribbon and various other materials to make their own House Wears. WOWU12

Intro to Patronus and Chalk Drawing Kids will come in and learn what their patronus is. Once identified, we will help them create a chalk drawing of their very own! WOWU12

Familiar Rock Painting Join us for a fun night ofpainting our own familiars. Pick your rock, grab a  brush and get started! Everyone can do this craft.

Feather Pens What’s a Wizard without their perfect quill? Come in and make your very own feather pen that can be used on paper! WOWALL

Open Craft Session Missed a craft, have something else on your mind. Supplies from previous crafts and never seen will be brought out for students to create with their imagination. WOWALL

Owl Letter Carriers Create your very own owl with a special letter carrier attached! WOWALL

Potting Mandrakes Mandrakes are tricky for repotting. Help Professor Baneberry replant her mandrakes and give them a nice new color too while you are at it. If you do a good job you will have your very own mandrake to take home! WOWALL

Soap & Clay Sorting Bombs $5 materials charge per student. Come in and learn the magic ways of bath bomb building from Soap & Clay’s very own Professor Savon and her Perfects. WOWALL

Transfiguration Do you think your transfigurations skills are up to par? Kids will get an opportunity to perform their transfiguration with magic dough as different items are called out. Quick but accurate is what we aim for in Transfiguration class. WOW12U

Tree Sprites Need a little friend for your should or pocket? Always getting in trouble and wish you had a buddy for sticky situations. This craft is for you. We will be working with craft wire so only 12 and up please! WOW12U

Wand Making Have a wand, need a new wand, just would like another wand to add to your collection? Come and join Artist & Craftsmen Professor Witherell to make your very own wand! WOWALL

Wand Pens Feather pens might not cut it for every job. Come create your magical wand pen out of various materials, a few tutorials, and a lot of imagination WOW12U

Meetups & Discussions:

Cosplay Photo & Costuming Swap Come dressed in your best cosplay and be ready to take some photos! This is the ultimate meetup for everyone who would like to get photos with other cosplayers. Also, have Harry Potter items/clothing you just don’t use anymore? Bring them with you to swap with your other fellow cosplayers! WOW12U

Do you like your coffee Black? Bring your favorite cup of coffee, just the way you like and sit down to an interesting conversation about the Black family and their allies. WOW12U

Dumbledore’s Army Do you believe you would have been part of Dumbledore’s Army if you went to Hogwarts? Then this is the meetup for you. Come
prepared with your house pride, and ready to talk strategy and spells! WOWALL

Gryffindor Calling all Brave, Daring, and Eager! Meet us in the Red Tower WOWALL

House Confusion Disorder Do you see yourself in more than one house? Take a step back and discuss this with your other HCD wizards. You never know, maybe you will create a new house. WOWALL

Hufflepuff Calling the Loyal, Kind and Fair. Meet us in the Yellow Den. WOWALL

I Married a Muggle Come talk about your favorite muggle! Discuss the good, the bad and the wonderful with other fellow Muggle Lovers! WOW18U

LGBT Meet up with fellow Harry Potter fans to take pictures, have discussions, and play games with people who have a similar perspective. WOWALL

Mischief Makers Fellow Mischief Makers have to unite! Come together and talk about your favorite pranks in and outside of the Harry Potter World. Discuss your opinion on Peeves absence in the movie, but don’t get too ROWDY. There may be a Professor roaming the halls. WOWALL

Monsters Misunderstood Discussion Come have a discussion about the amazing beasts, or should we say Fantastic, with all the other animal and creature lovers out there! Be ready to talk about your favorite! WOWALL

Raising Witches and Wizards Take a moment and meetup with other parents and their little wizards. Talk about the magical world you are introducing
them to. WOWALL

Rally the Hufflepuffs Hufflepuffs demand to be remembered, or seen, maybe just heard. No we will be remembered! Stop by and talk with your fellow
Hufflepuffs and take a break from the outside world. WOWALL

Ravenclaw Calling all the Creative, Witty, and Intelligent. Meet in the Blue Tower. WOWALL

Slytherin Calling all the Cunning, Ambitious, and Loyal Friends. Meet in the Green Dungeon! WOWALL

Teenagers Unite Lead by teens, for teens. So of course they don’t tell me what they are going to do! WOWTEEN

Traveling Witches and Wizards Witches and Wizards from all over the state, country and even world are attending this event. Take a moment to your your fellow travelers. WOWALL

What to Read Next? Love magic and looking for a little more of it in your life? This discussion brings together voracious readers, teachers, and librarians to discuss what you should read now. WOWALL